Dental Implants: Are they Painful?

Tooth Sensitivity

One of the reasons that stop people from going for the option of dental implants in Adelaide is the pain and discomfort that they will receive during as well as after the implantation process. But Adelaide Cosmetic dentistry has brought the good news though: dental implants don’t hurt as much as you think they do. Dental implants can be considered one of the far less painful dental procedures one can opt for. It might sound unbelievable but it is undeniably true.  

What is Dental Implant Procedure

 Under this process, a dental implant is placed into your jawbone. A dental implant is a screw-type structured object that has to be placed where required. Two options are considered to make a room for dental implants, that is either we drill a hole into your bone or we may use the space that was left by an extracted tooth. Sounds painful but it is not as painful as you might think.

 To know the reasons in depth why the dental implant process is not that painful, you can check out our website to understand what to expect from your dental implant procedure, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Roshanak Amrein at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry to have a better understanding of myths and originality of dental implantation.

Anesthesia and Sedation  

Imaging is the other factor that is beneficial in identifying the accurate position along with the density of the major nerves in that exact location, this will help us to properly anesthetize the area where the surgery has to be done for implantation. This anesthesia process will somewhat help you during the surgical procedure as you will not feel any pain or discomfort but just a small amount of pressure. 

Of course, much of the discomfort from dental procedures is psychological, often related to fear and tension. At our Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, we do our best to help with this. We answer all your questions and explain the procedure thoroughly in a language that you can easily understand. With all your questions answered, you will likely feel at ease. But if you still have anxiety, we also offer sedation dentistry options.

Controlling Pain Following the Surgery Procedure


Even while we have some control over discomfort during the surgery, you will have the most control over suffering following it. You can reduce postoperative pain if you carefully adhere to the postoperative guidelines. Make sure your body is receiving the vital vitamins and minerals it requires to mend itself as effectively as possible. 

Putting ice on your cheek close to the surgical site might relieve pain and reduce swelling. Controlling discomfort frequently involves rotating for ten minutes on and ten minutes off. Depending on your surgery, we might or might not recommend taking painkillers. Follow the directions on any medication that has been prescribed to you. If not, follow the directions on the package for using over-the-counter medications. 

Avoiding hot and spicy foods for at least the first day following your treatment will reduce your discomfort. Return to a regular diet slowly as pain and swelling subside. After surgery, you should feel better and return to normalcy in approximately 5-7 days.

We have also mentioned some other related details regarding the dental implant healing process. Get in touch with us immediately if you experience any of the following discomforts:

  • Pain for more than ten days following the surgery
  • Discomfort that gets worse with time
  • Prolonged bleeding or redness following surgery
  • An apparent loose dental implant

The mentioned indications can be a cause for some serious complications.

Looking for Dental Implants in Adelaide?


If you are thinking of getting dental implantation in Adelaide but thinking otherwise due to the fear of pain and discomfort during surgery or for a long-time post-surgery, then stop your thought process this instant. As we all know that no surgery is painless, but we also have come to know that some surgery can be less painful, and our dental implant surgery is one of them. We can say it confidently because our patients have reported that they didn’t feel much pain that they were expecting from the surgery.

You can contact us at (08) 8271 9771 for any queries regarding dental implants or if you want a one-to-one session for the same. You can also book an appointment with our implant dentist at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry. Also, if you are looking for financial aid for your dental implant payment plans in Australia or any other cosmetic surgery payment plans you can always take help from Medezi who is our medical finance payment plan, partner.